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Make an Appointment

Make an appointment in 3 steps. Step 1: Select a staff member. Step 2: Select an available date. Step 3: Select an available timeslot.

Appointment Guidelines: 

General Guidelines for Subject Specialists and Librarians - Talk to your Accessibility Advisor for their guidelines:

  • 30 minutes to 1-hour maximum 
  • No more than 1 appointment per day 
  • 2 appointments per week (per tutor/librarian)
  • Can book up to 1 hour in advance
  • Cancellation needs to be 24 hours in advance (3 strikes will result in a suspension of tutoring privileges for the semester)
  • Special accommodations can be for students after instructor recommendation/request
  • Workshop attendance will not count towards 2 appointments/week total
  • Students: please have specific questions or areas of concern ready for your appointment

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns regarding these changes please reach out to Marissa Rocca, Student Learning and Experience Librarian at

Business tutor available. Please email